Facial Sunscreen Cream

97% Protection Against 5 Types of UV Rays. It's Not Just Sunscreen.

Sunscreen not only protects the skin from the sun, the formula enriched with Hyaluronic acid and Shea butter actives, but also balances the uneven skin tone, brightens and moisturizes the skin. It helps prevent premature skin wrinkling that may occur due to sun exposure and helps minimize skin imperfections.

Supporting the youthful appearance of the skin, Spf50+ High Factor Sunscreen is designed to protect your skin in 4 seasons. It contains a strong, water-resistant formula that does not leave any white residue. It protects the skin exposed to the sun throughout the day from sunspots and minimizes the appearance of pigmentation.

Apply before going outside to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Allow 10 minutes for your skin to absorb the cream. Do not forget to re-apply throughout the day at least every three hours. It can be used as a make-up base.
100 mle
All day
All Skin Types
Face, Neck, Body Area

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